Undergraduate Research at DeGroote

Experience what it is like to be a researcher at DeGroote. Explore topics that interest you and discover how you can contribute to research happening at DeGroote.

Students can:

  • Engage in leading business-focused research projects
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Develop transferable skills including analysis, communication, and research skills
  • Receive mentorship from DeGroote researchers while learning about a key business area

Are you curious? Do you have an interest in a particular business field?

Students are important contributors to active research projects at DeGroote. They participate in hands-on research, are part of creating new knowledge, and learn how to share those insights.

Find out how DeGroote researchers solve problems and conduct research at McMaster. There are opportunities to participate in research and support work being done by faculty members across eight different academic areas.

What is an Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA)?

Undergraduate Student Research Awards provide students with research-based employment. Successful USRA recipients will generally receive a minimum of $7,500 to cover their contribution to the research project.

As a student, USRAs allow you to:

  • Obtain funding for meaningful research-based activities with a faculty member
  • Explore career opportunities in a research environment
  • Develop skills and gain experience
  • Learn more about a specific area of interest
  • Foster a positive working relationship with a faculty member, research team, and/or other professionals

Students engage with DeGroote researchers on projects that directly contribute to research. Often undergraduate projects also involve coordination with various other team members inclusive of graduate students and additional academic or research partner contributors. Students are supervised and mentored by a DeGroote faculty member.

DeGroote is committed to making research accessible to all students to both explore research career opportunities and/or to gain skills also valued outside of academia. There are a variety of student research funding options available that can support your participation in DeGroote led projects. Connect with a researcher directly to see what student research opportunities are available.

How to apply?

Students interested in pursuing an Undergraduate Student Research Award at DeGroote are encouraged to reach out directly to a professor in an academic area that interests you. Researchers will receive the opportunity to apply directly for USRA specific funding or they may ask you to join one of their existing projects.

This opportunity is open to undergraduate students, and you do not need a graduate degree to participate. Undergraduate Student Research Award positions are posted on OSCARplus in the early part of each year. In addition, DeGroote researchers will also have additional opportunities for you to join an existing project team.


  1. Fall: Begin discussions with DeGroote faculty members to learn about their plans for undergrad research assistants and how you can contribute to their research
  2. February-March: Specific roles are posted on OSCARplus
  3. April: Student interviews conducted, and roles filled
  4. May-August: Students employed in research roles with the potential for extension beyond the summer

Undergrad Student Research Projects

Understanding older adults’ susceptibility and coping behaviours for cyber-attacks

Supervisor: Milena Head

The portrayal of Hitler in leadership textbooks

Supervisor: Catherine Connelly

Determinants and consequences of overwork

Supervisor: Ala Mokhtar

Supporting Indigenous craftmaking with digital services

Supervisor: Benson Honig

Linking Canadian women’s groups with Kenyan women’s needs

Supervisor: Benson Honig

Corporate scandals and their consequences 

Supervisor: Trevor Chamberlain (Principal Applicant), Anna Danielova (Co-Applicant), Hesam Shahriari (Collaborator)

Social Impact Hub (CONNECT Program) - Driving Collective Action: Bridging the Gap in Social Economy through Cross-Sector Collaboration

Supervisor: Brent McKnight, Paul Snowdon

Past Projects

Exploring A Research Problem With Passion And Creativity

BCom and eHealth student Bilal Khan shares learnings from conducting his own hands-on research at DeGroote as an undergrad student.

Undergraduate Workshop

DeGroote Research Day

August 21, 2023

Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) recipients came together to share their learning experiences from working closely with DeGroote researchers. The undergraduate students discussed how gaining experience with hands-on research has allowed them to develop theoretical and applicable skills in several facets of research, in addition to the development of strong mentorship connections with their supervisors.

Read more about their experiences in this article.


DeGroote Undergraduate Student Research Assistant Workshop

November 17, 2023 | 9-11 AM

Experience what it is like to be a researcher at DeGroote. Explore topics that interest you and the benefits of contributing to research.

Undergraduate Research Associates are valued team members across all areas within the DeGroote School of Business. Please join us to learn more about projects that students contributed to this past year and consider if you would be interested in being involved in research.

Space is limited so register early.

Register here

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